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Monday, May 3, 2010

What selling some of things you don't need can get you...

So, I am not a fan of blogs on going on a rant of what you buy buy and buy but hey, I don't think I have really done that and I can't keep this one in!
So, kinda had a rough day one day (kinda/ sorta longerish story) I come back to our bedroom and threw my purse and what not on the bed and my husband is on his phone just lying in bed. I look down and he has this smirkish smile and I see this white box on my bed and I look straight at him and i tell him "shutup!" (i think i said that about 10 times) He bought me the Ipad for our anniversary!! Can I tell you how excited I was?!?!!? It is reallyyy ahhmazing, I stayed up downloaded a ton basically until midnight, talk about crayzie! I wasn't too sure about it, but the more you use it, it is awesome! My husband is an apple nerd, it is ridiculous....
I will say what an usual/ awkward name that apple called it, but I could resist and name it myself, so guess what it is? ---drum roll---- MAXIPAD!
So, if you contemplate on getting it, it is worth it!