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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

::Gorgeous:: It makes me miss my long hair...

So one of my favorite looks for fall this year has been the softer make-up with the beautiful long and flowish curls. This is the German Vogue and I saw this and thought how gorgeous it is! I love the make-up how it is going towards the softer look instead of the harder lines and heaviness of the make-up. I feel it shows our natural beauty more and how beautiful we all can be with softer make-up.

...let me tell you, this magazine is 6 euros. I asked my hubby the equivalent of the american dollar it is and it's nuts. He said around $12.00!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crazy Days at IBW!

So, I have decided to mix my blog in with some fun people I have been able to meet while at school. It has been fun learning different techniques with cutting, coloring, make-up, up-dos and extensions while they have been here.

Here are a few I have been able to meet:
Rudy Miles: Make-up Artist for Aveda...worked with Cindy Crawford, Dolce & Gabbanna, Valentino.

Vivienne Mackinder: (...lovely British accent)! Taught us up-do's, hair extensions. She has won the North American Hairdressing Awards quite a bunch of times...pretty big accomplishment!

Just recently- Candy Shaw came and taught us French haircutting technique and Balyage...both are pretty intense! But fun to learn. She is based off of Atlanta, GA and known as world's top stylists.

Ginger Boyle
is coming in next week- she is teaching us more about cutting and coloring. She is based off of Beverly Hills. She has worked with models for Jimmy Choo shoes for launching at H&M. Something crazy...went on her website, and her haircuts start at $200!! Wowwwzaa!!

But there are tons more, but those are a few people. More will be coming, so stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

:::Fall 09' Fashion Trends:::

Being in the fabulous Hair Industry, I want to update you all on the fun Fall 2009 trends for your all your gorgeous hair!
**Depending on face structure, things can vary***
First of all--- FULL BANGS ARE IN! Whether short or long hair, it is in and is beautiful. Mainly shorter hair it has been in.

Short Hair Ladies: Classic Bob (Katie Holmes is perfect example of this)/ Pixie cuts (Selma Blair, the lovely Audrey Hepburn ...lots of fun.messy layering

Long Hair Ladies: Yes, the center part is in. Either straight or flowy, it is in and is beautiful!

...More updates to come, just a short little note!

Okay, the haircut...

So right now, no camera I can work= no photos... But this is what it is very similar to! I have more layers on top making it a little bit more funky! Bangs are very similar as well! I love it and if you want it, let me know!!!

...This is pretty exciting!!

So first of all....for one, I got my hair chopped!!! I love love love it! It takes only 5 min. to blow-dry instead of 15 it felt! It's so easy...I recommend it to everyone.
Now second, this is pretty intense/ exciting! The institute that I am attending is letting the students participate in NAHA which is North American Hairstyling Awards- it sounds pretty intense and takes a lot of time. It has different categories for a variety of stylists to participate in. And not having my license quite yet, we are able to do the student section for it. I know many students participate, so wish me luck!!
We have 3 models come in and we can do make-up, use extensions, wigs, etc. We have to have a story board lined up and what made us want to do it. I am anxious for all of you guys to see what I will be doing, but I can't let me ideas quite out yet because I still have to get it all together. Stay tuned, I am so excited!