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Thursday, March 31, 2011

:<:... the other costly addition to the family... :>:

So as most of you know, my husband is ObSeSsEd with anything that is German...especially the cars from there, Porsche- Mercedes- Audi-Volkswagen- BMW, etc. you name it! (but lets face it, what man isn't??) Well, no joke his whole family owns Vdubs...and I am not over exaggerating. Dad, sisters, grandma, boyfriends its quite hilarious. Clearly all my husband has had was VW his whole life...a jetta, golf and about 2 years ago he bought a Rabbit. This kid cracks me up...seriously.

Now as for me, I grew up with the Chinese/ Japanese cars...HONDAS. Was my husband okay with this? For the most part. But, I had a 3 year lease with a 2008 Honda Civic that I just turned in and my husband was quite excited. He has been looking and looking since last year knowing this and finally, waaaalaaa (it really didn't go waalaaa) BUT his dream came true. I am now a vdubber! (yikes...) I will say I absolutely love love love this car! It's a fast one and all I did was laugh when I first drove it because it was quite a change. So here "she" is...

WARNING!!! this car is sassy and fast

: Sleepy Baby:

This is how my little peanut has been sleeping lately...it cracks.me.up! I almost sometimes wonder if this is how he would sleep when he was still in the tum?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

|:| Little Boys and Monsters |:|

Seeing that for the last few days my little boy has been a little bit of a monster, i find this posting a little bit fit for him! I think he has been a little bit, lets say, backed up...poor kid! But this really doesn't have anything to do with him. I have found I have a little new obsession that is adorable for my boy and it has been monsters. They have these AdOrAbLe slippers (kinda more dinosaur like) at babygap that I so wanted to buy, but the cost for shipping was more than the slippers itself so I passed...unfortunately. They just crack me up...seriously.

One more thing....
I have been dying for quite sometime to get this book too...it looks so stinking cute.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

::Newby Mom on board::

I cannot believe I am a mother!! Can I say I absolutely LOVE IT! He is starting to get fussy before he goes to bed and it makes me irritated but still, I love it. I feel so incredibly blessed to have this child, seriously. He is so cute.

Here is the play by play of what happened (sorry if you get bored). So my due date was February 9th...I had gestational diabetus (that is how I say it, it makes me laugh), so my OB told me I can't go too far in risk of having a huge baby. So I thought, yes! Perfect, I won't be going a week late then. Well, I had a check up before my due date which was the 8th, and I was still only 75% effaced and 1.5 dilation...that was going for 3 weeks! So he said, let's make an appointment on the 14th...yup valentine's day...and if nothing happens, we will induce you that day and you will have a baby by the 15th. So I was thinking you know, going in and starting everything in the afternoon but nope. I had my appointment around 2 and still same everything so he said, we will see you tonight. I said what do you mean tonight? He said you will go to the birthing center at 10:00 P.M. I wanted to freak at that point...are you kidding me, 10 at night? I knew it was going to be a longggg labor at that point.

So we got in, things started around 11:00 P.M. I clearly couldn't sleep at all! My husband on the other hand...he could. My mom came at 2:00 A.M...she is such a champ, I love her. I was feeling contractions for about 2 hours but luckily my mom came in time because I was quietly yelling for my husband and which all i heard was snoring on his end, that little turd! But he eventually woke up fast, but my amazing mom was there to help me get through them too. They really couldn't do anything at that point because I wasn't really dilated or effaced enough. So what do they do? They gave my nubain...which knocked me out instantly for only about a hour or so. I could still sorta feel contractions, but not the extreme, my goodness! My doctor wasn't coming in until 7:30 that morning, but had a feeling he would be running behind so he came around 8ish but I could feel E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G from about 4:30-5:00 to about 9, which at that time, I was fine enough to get the epidural!! Wahoo!! I honestly cried at one point when I had a contraction...but funny thing is, I really don't remember! I guess I was really goofy and talkative during everything, which surprises me. I do remember asking my anesthesiologists, "does this really hurt?" haha his response was priceless, "not really, just think of it as a tiger bite"! Thanks!! Then bing, bang boom he was done and all it felt like was a mosquito bite! ( he lied, he admitted). My doctor came shortly after, broke my water around 10 and things started to progress a lot more rapid. By like, i think, 1 he said I was dilated to 9+ and I'll start pushing at 2! I couldn't believe it. I was kinda freakin at that point. So 2:00 came, pushed for a hour and I love my husband. He kept giving and getting me ice chips, holding my hand and helping, he is an amazing husband.. and wabamm! My little Karsten was born at 3:15 P.M. weighing a waaappping 9 lbs. 1 oz and 20 inches long. My labor was 16 hours long, but it did go really fast when I think about it. My nurses were awesome, seriously. I couldn't have asked for such an awesome delivery experience and recovery there.

When they put my little guy on my chest after he was out, I started bawling. First off, I didn't know how the heck I pushed this thing out of me, and secondly, I couldn't believe how blessed Ben and I was to have this adorable, healthy baby boy. He had his big big eyes just open and crying and honestly, I felt all the noise had around us had vanished almost and it felt like it was just my husband, me and our little guy together in our room. It was peaceful amidst all the nurses and everything getting things to get our guy cleaned. I love every minuet with my baby, even when he fusses and gets all his clothes and everything dirty from bathroom mishaps. Because at the end of the day, this is what I get to fall asleep to and wake up to every day. We love you little Karsten!! (or as my sister says, Karsty Coo...haha poor kid)!

...I'll have actual pictures at the hospital up soon!

~Owl Obsession~

So for some time I have had this owl obsession, and I don't know why (hence the cute layout I have now). When we found out we were expecting, I was looking at bedding last year and I really wanted to do the whole owl theme and have those really cute vinyl wall stickers...which is another picture posted too. They had this awesome bedding from a place we registered at. Unfortunately, I have this husband who is OBSESSED with cars, Volkswagen's in particular, and when we found out we were having a boy, I just let him do the car thing. Not a big deal. I am currently waiting for this adorable hat to arrive and we will be doing some fun photos of our little peanut in this hat. Here is a preview of the hat without him in it and I can't wait. Go to etsy, I am addicted.