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Monday, December 27, 2010

:Little Man Update:

Haven't talked about the happenings with my little cutie pie still cooking inside. At 34 weeks, it really just started reverting back to the 1 st trimester so to say..yikes!! Feeling tired and every so often upset stomach... boo! Moving all day, and I mean allll day- kicks in the ribs, rolling around ( feeling elbows or something), pushing down making constant bathroom trips, my gosh! Acid reflux has been to the extreme at night, it is pretty interesting! I feel bad for my husband, I really do. He will want to cuddle and with the uncomfortable sleeping and acid reflux... results in a "please do not touch me right now" mood! I feel terrible! I love my little man though, it does makes me smile every time he does move and it kills me. We both can't wait to see our little munchkin. You just wonder what his personality will be like, his little man features and just the excitement for cuddling and watching him sleep...but then you think, crap...the wake up cries, the poopie diaper changes and constant worrying from now until who knows how old he will be. Needless to say, we love this 5 poundish baby so much.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Oh Goodness!

So, I was walking into work this morning (kinda in a rush) and was walking past Boston Store. I couldn't help but notice all the Christmas decorations hanging up all over the store. Kinda just shook my head thinking, "oh crap! It is coming too soon, but it hasn't hit November yet!" I took a deep breath and that is what gave me the excitement for the Holidays. It reminded me of the shopping when I was younger and setting up the decorations with my mom back in the days. It was that pine, cinnamon, nutmeg aroma that just gave me that huge sigh...which then, made me anxious for the holiday shopping= NO GOOD! (Clearly I know that is not what Christmas is all about, but it makes it enjoyable)! Something about the aroma during the Holidays, makes you relaxed and ready to do all the fun and exciting things that it brings! So, as early as it may seem, it is coming soon guys!!!
But first of all, let us not skip Halloween...so HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My nugget has an outtie!!

I can't believe I am at past the half way mark...well now 1 week past it. We went for our ultrasound last Friday to see what possibly our little munchkin may be. I was nervous, I don't know why! It was amazing to be able to see that little person kicking around and finding out that it was a BOY!!!! Ben was super excited...at first, our doctor spoke too soon saying it was a girl. He compared the parts of the girl as ahhhh hamburger bun....I can never think the same of that food anymore now, thanks Doc!! Then, it was wait, wait wait, actually it's a boy! Ben literally jumped out of the chair and charged towards the ultrasound computer thing...it was really cute (shows what he wanted a little bit more)!

I couldn't believe how amazing our bodies work for these little people just living/kicking it in side. It is so cazy how much love you have for this little baby inside and how every minute you wonder, " is it okay? I wonder what it is thinking, is it annoyed that I am walking around 24 hours a day? (that is probably more me that thinks that...just wanting to sit and relax)! I just can't stop looking at my little guys photos thinking how blessed I am to have this healthy little baby- I just love him too much! His photos are a smidge creepy, but to me, they are just so sweet to look at! So here he is, our first little addition to our family..

Karsten Benjamin Weber!!

This photo is probably most special to us...As our doctor was just showing us the baby, he said that he was one happy baby-he kept smiling and opening his mouth. So this was a quick snap shot of him 'smiling'. It was quite the tear- jerking moment! (How ridiculous)!!!

We have a little bit more, I just don't feel like posting more...i know, sad. But this is my little man!!! Love him to pieces already- hopefully it won't change in 3 years....yikes!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bebe Weber...its still cookin!

I have not wrote on my blog in FOREVER! Woops! But as most of you know, we have a little nugget on the way to our little family! I cannot explain how excited, nervous, anxious and all you know that feeling probably that we are! We find out in 2 weeks (as my hubby says) if it's an "inny or an outtie"...he's nuts, but that's why I love him. We can't wait for the planning to begin! The beginning stages were a little rough, but luckily it has passed to feeling better and actually wanting to eating more food...that was not fun. I just can't believe what the whole body goes through for this little munchkin inside to keep growing and growing. I think I read my week by week pregnancy book about 3 times a day because of how crazy it is thinking about a little person just kicking it inside! Ben is crossing his fingers that it's a boy because......he wants help in the garage, pretty typical right? I will try my best to keep this blog updated, just have been crazieee busy these days!

Monday, May 3, 2010

What selling some of things you don't need can get you...

So, I am not a fan of blogs on going on a rant of what you buy buy and buy but hey, I don't think I have really done that and I can't keep this one in!
So, kinda had a rough day one day (kinda/ sorta longerish story) I come back to our bedroom and threw my purse and what not on the bed and my husband is on his phone just lying in bed. I look down and he has this smirkish smile and I see this white box on my bed and I look straight at him and i tell him "shutup!" (i think i said that about 10 times) He bought me the Ipad for our anniversary!! Can I tell you how excited I was?!?!!? It is reallyyy ahhmazing, I stayed up downloaded a ton basically until midnight, talk about crayzie! I wasn't too sure about it, but the more you use it, it is awesome! My husband is an apple nerd, it is ridiculous....
I will say what an usual/ awkward name that apple called it, but I could resist and name it myself, so guess what it is? ---drum roll---- MAXIPAD!
So, if you contemplate on getting it, it is worth it!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

how awesome is this?!

So I was browsing through the internet and I came across this really ahhmazing idea- My parents have a ton of these kodak pics and what a fabulous idea to show them off. The curtain may look a little tacky but how awesome! May be a little project for me in the furture...

Monday, April 5, 2010

:::Looking ahead to the next year ::::

I haven't updated my blog in a LONG LONG time. Nothing much has been going on- same old. Helping out my Grandfather, working...working...working...maybe a break in between...then back to working. (Not complaining, because I really do enjoy it)! Benjie is still in the same routine as I, but we love it! I do say, I have some fun news! (not fun for everyone else, but for us, we are)!
Benjamin and I were talking and our wedding came up and realized next month is our stinking ONE YEAR anniversary! Talk about CrAzY! We aren't do anything this year, but next year....this is the exciting part....we are planning a trip to GERMANY!!! I am very anxious/ excited! I know it is a silly post, but I can't wait!! The hubby went there for a high school so he knows the ropes! I am excited to meet some of his family that still lives there as well as check out (hopefully) some of where my family came from. Hopefully time will fly to that point, but slow down while we are there!!

Hope everyone had a great Easter and enjoyed it and happy spring!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

St. Patricks Day Traditions :

I cannot BELIEVE it is almost spring time and st. pattys day...CRAZZZy!!! I was thinking about all the fun memories of holidays and for some reason, St. Patricks day has one in my family! I don't know about all of you but I remember Mr. Leprechaun would come visit our house...not only to leave little pennies but also to turn our milk green! I may have to put this trick to use in our house...even though no little munchkins are running around in our house...!

Monday, March 8, 2010

i-pad thoughts...

Okay, I know what the answer should be, but I am trying to convince myself it is okay, but also don't do it!
So, I have a confession. I want the ipad. I have been wanting to iphone, but ben has had it for quite some time and I honestly don't feel the need for it now. I have a pretty boring phone, but for me that is alright. My laptop is kinda sorta ka-putting (that is how i say it) so I am justifying that the ipad is okay! What are your thoughts on this lovely new gadget? If you aren't an apple fan, don't comment...all the answers are, I don't like them, don't buy it! So you know, that's okay, but I like them! So for all you, help me figure it out!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

I am offically a big girl now....well now that I got MY JOB!

You know what it's like when you go to Disney or some fun park and you feel like a 5 year old!? Well, that is how I feel...and if you don't get that feeling when you are at those parks, something is wrong with you!
I got my job guys, that is all I can say. I am so excited! I start for Neroli Salon & Spa as a hair designer and am so extremely excited! I am so grateful to have that opportunity and to actually even have a job- what a blessing!! So come visit me and book your appointments SOON! Hope to see you in my chair!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Pickle Ornament

Okay, so we got from Santie Claus the pickle ornament. So, Benjamin's family- being Germans, has the pickle and hides the pickle in the tree and whoever finds it gets a gift, etc. You know, the pickle story. We had Ben's sister hide the stinking thing and we are taking our tree down now...yes I know, now...and we both can't find it in our tree. ( We have been searching for it for a couple of weeks now...) It was quite hilarious! This is the embarrassing part...we had to call her to find where it was! Moral of the story...don't let people who don't live with you hide these ornaments...they do a pretty dang good job!

Friday, January 1, 2010

My little Graduate- May 09'

This is terrible and horrible but I never put up pictures of my hubby from his graduation in May in Architecture...!!! I did take pictures with my husbands camera but his technology and mine don't mix well so I have pictures that his cousin took with his good camera too...(thanks to him)! Congrats again to my schweetie and I am proud of him and his hard work!!! (All we now have to do is still find a stinkin' job, but it will soon come around)!!!!