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Monday, December 27, 2010

:Little Man Update:

Haven't talked about the happenings with my little cutie pie still cooking inside. At 34 weeks, it really just started reverting back to the 1 st trimester so to say..yikes!! Feeling tired and every so often upset stomach... boo! Moving all day, and I mean allll day- kicks in the ribs, rolling around ( feeling elbows or something), pushing down making constant bathroom trips, my gosh! Acid reflux has been to the extreme at night, it is pretty interesting! I feel bad for my husband, I really do. He will want to cuddle and with the uncomfortable sleeping and acid reflux... results in a "please do not touch me right now" mood! I feel terrible! I love my little man though, it does makes me smile every time he does move and it kills me. We both can't wait to see our little munchkin. You just wonder what his personality will be like, his little man features and just the excitement for cuddling and watching him sleep...but then you think, crap...the wake up cries, the poopie diaper changes and constant worrying from now until who knows how old he will be. Needless to say, we love this 5 poundish baby so much.