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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


It is starting to hit me, mornings are just killing me now! I normally enjoy waking up a little earlier, but lately, it's been a beast...ask my husband! I feel like I have this normal morning routine, like most of us. But I have realized recently how tired I have been in the mornings during those routines...here is why... (most of the time, I am rushing now...)

After getting dressed, lunch sort of packed, etc., - the last thing I do to get ready is brushing my teeth. I slab the toothpaste on my brush and start scrubbing along. I then am normally at that time talking to my husband with toothpaste still in my mouth, kinda with a louder tone because I don't think he can hear me. ( This has been just a new thing I have realized I do). Once I get ready to get the foamy toothpaste out of my mouth, I have looked at my toothbrush noticing the color does not quite match the one I remember using last night. Now guys...I honestly still have toothpaste in my mouth. I ask my husband, is your toothbrush green or blue? He responds blue. I look down, not really disgusted but sorta/kinda disgusted because that blue toothbrush, is not my toothbrush. My'n is the green one, still sitting in it's position in the holder. I love my husband...but I kinda gag when I find that out. You think I have learned to look before using???!? I am blaming it on the weather, or I honestly must be out of it every morning....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

My New Fabulous Slippers :

Saw them and loved them so now I have them! Me and the hubby went out to check things out because we haven't been shopping in a very long time. So last night adventure was fantastic!
I saw these adorable slippers and wa-laaa, I have them on my feet and took them home with me. Aren't they adorable?!?! The other funny thing was this...we went our seperate ways a little bit while shopping and this is what my husband brought over that he wanted... (...not to say in the same colors as my slippers)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

::Fabulous Christmas Movies ::

Can you believe Christmas is already NEXT WEEK??!?!?!!?!? ..woa! I don't know about all of you, but I have been on a Christmas movie kick.... The typical favorites have been playing on my t.v. recently...

Friday, December 4, 2009

This....smells. AHHHHMAZING!

Okay, I know it's Aveda but you all have to buy this. It's one of those candles you just want to eat up!
It's called the Himalayan Glow candle...DELICIOUS!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

::Gorgeous:: It makes me miss my long hair...

So one of my favorite looks for fall this year has been the softer make-up with the beautiful long and flowish curls. This is the German Vogue and I saw this and thought how gorgeous it is! I love the make-up how it is going towards the softer look instead of the harder lines and heaviness of the make-up. I feel it shows our natural beauty more and how beautiful we all can be with softer make-up.

...let me tell you, this magazine is 6 euros. I asked my hubby the equivalent of the american dollar it is and it's nuts. He said around $12.00!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crazy Days at IBW!

So, I have decided to mix my blog in with some fun people I have been able to meet while at school. It has been fun learning different techniques with cutting, coloring, make-up, up-dos and extensions while they have been here.

Here are a few I have been able to meet:
Rudy Miles: Make-up Artist for Aveda...worked with Cindy Crawford, Dolce & Gabbanna, Valentino.

Vivienne Mackinder: (...lovely British accent)! Taught us up-do's, hair extensions. She has won the North American Hairdressing Awards quite a bunch of times...pretty big accomplishment!

Just recently- Candy Shaw came and taught us French haircutting technique and Balyage...both are pretty intense! But fun to learn. She is based off of Atlanta, GA and known as world's top stylists.

Ginger Boyle
is coming in next week- she is teaching us more about cutting and coloring. She is based off of Beverly Hills. She has worked with models for Jimmy Choo shoes for launching at H&M. Something crazy...went on her website, and her haircuts start at $200!! Wowwwzaa!!

But there are tons more, but those are a few people. More will be coming, so stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

:::Fall 09' Fashion Trends:::

Being in the fabulous Hair Industry, I want to update you all on the fun Fall 2009 trends for your all your gorgeous hair!
**Depending on face structure, things can vary***
First of all--- FULL BANGS ARE IN! Whether short or long hair, it is in and is beautiful. Mainly shorter hair it has been in.

Short Hair Ladies: Classic Bob (Katie Holmes is perfect example of this)/ Pixie cuts (Selma Blair, the lovely Audrey Hepburn ...lots of fun.messy layering

Long Hair Ladies: Yes, the center part is in. Either straight or flowy, it is in and is beautiful!

...More updates to come, just a short little note!

Okay, the haircut...

So right now, no camera I can work= no photos... But this is what it is very similar to! I have more layers on top making it a little bit more funky! Bangs are very similar as well! I love it and if you want it, let me know!!!

...This is pretty exciting!!

So first of all....for one, I got my hair chopped!!! I love love love it! It takes only 5 min. to blow-dry instead of 15 it felt! It's so easy...I recommend it to everyone.
Now second, this is pretty intense/ exciting! The institute that I am attending is letting the students participate in NAHA which is North American Hairstyling Awards- it sounds pretty intense and takes a lot of time. It has different categories for a variety of stylists to participate in. And not having my license quite yet, we are able to do the student section for it. I know many students participate, so wish me luck!!
We have 3 models come in and we can do make-up, use extensions, wigs, etc. We have to have a story board lined up and what made us want to do it. I am anxious for all of you guys to see what I will be doing, but I can't let me ideas quite out yet because I still have to get it all together. Stay tuned, I am so excited!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Doesn't this look lovely?

So I have been home sick for over a week now with this miserable cough which makes me extremely sleepy and am annoyed out of my mind! It really isn't fun, it is miserable being at home by yourself not being able to do anything after a while. The hubby has been taking very good care of me though, I will say that much! So, I saw this picture and became extremely jealous of this girl. I wish I could be right there doing that exact same thing. Especially feeling sick, to be out in the sun, better yet in Greece with their gorgeous buildings by the seas, made me realize how yuckie it is to live in Wisconsin during the seasonal changes! Don't get my wrong, I do love Wisconsin, but this weather change from 70 to 40 degrees isn't the greatest! So, I can only hope sometime soon, I will be able to bask in the sun and enjoy it next year!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

--Autumn :: Feeling it already !

So, basically I think I have talked Benjamins ear off about decorating for fall/halloween, christmas, and so many other things. All I have to say is..OH NO! There has been so many cute decorations out that I am going nuts now! You can thank my Grandma because she was the fun halloween Grandma...I think my family would agree with me on that! My parents have this adorable/awesome halloween set that goes on the fireplace mantel with lighting and spooky noises and it's amazing- that has been some talk of the decorating. So for all the decoraters out there, check out some of these fun ideas for fall! ...( can't tell I am excited though huh?) So, Happy Fall ...(soon)!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

How many of you love Chris Farely?

I saw this picture and just about peeped my pants. Welcome little Farely!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

:>: Then & Now :<:

For those of you who were not able to attend our reception, we had a little picture slide show of us growing up. Here are a few of them. (For some extra information, yes- I am the chunky dunky baby with all that black hair. In one of Benjamin's baby pictures his foot does appears as a size 10- so beware)! But most of all, enjoy!!


Saw this website, very amazing work! Take a look- hopefully this is what my hubby hopes to be doing soon! Maybe build this house for us perhaps??


Monday, August 17, 2009

As Mom says, "No mun, no fun!"

You know when your mom always say THE most annoying phrases, and what is annoying about them is that they are true? One of them, "no mun, no fun"? Well, I have had the worst time EVER! I don't know how many of you go to the World Market and Crate and Barrel, and many others, but every stinking single time I drive by the stores, I now have to drive past them. I'll even show Benjamin some things in the catalogs and all he will say is, "That's nice, find a job". Niceeee! So, all I can tell you guys is BEWARE! It's worse than just going to Target - for all you Target lovers!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's Official- No more Lang, hellooooo Weber!

So, I am pretty sure everyone knows, but we are now happily married! It is the best thing ever! It all went so fast and so many people told me that too (I was not expecting it to go that quick)! It all took place May 29th 09 and the Chicago, Illinois LDS Temple. It all took place in one day, thought the whole traveling thing would through us off, but not one bit! It all went so smooth and everything was just perfect! I am anxious to see what our wonderful photographer did, but I will keep it all posted for more pictures!
I am so grateful for Benjamin and the person he is...he is such a wonderful man & takes such great care of me too! ( I know, puke!). We are both anxious to see where we will be heading soon and what the future brings to the both of us.
Thank you for all who came to enjoy the wonderful day with us, we both really appreciate it!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mr. Architect...

I am so proud of my hubby! I haven't updated this in a little bit, but a week before our wedding, he officially graduated from the University of Minnesota...so proud of him!! We are now waiting to hear back from jobs, so we will see what will happen from there! After all the hard work he put into it...WAYY TO GO!! Wahoo!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

...I still love him!

So, looking through older photos and I just couldn't help but pass this one up to show off. It has always made me laugh! He has some crazy red cat eyes in this picture. I am marrying this character...I sure love him!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

EaStEr...with the munchkins!

This Easter was probably one of the cutest ones ever. I just love my little nieces and nephews half to death! My parents set up an Easter egg hunt & they had to find all the eggs and it was fun to watch them run around! I am, howeber, very glad my brotha had his camera, because 1. my'n doesn't work and 2. Benjamin wasn't home this time...so props to my brother for this because there are some real cute shots!

...and yes, I do have the most hideous and ugliest but yet most comfortable shoes around...CROCS!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

::Upcoming Fashion Show ::


Spring/Summer Benefit Fashion Show 2009

The Domes

Wednesday April 22nd

Cocktails: 6:30 p.m. Show: 7:30 p.m.

Afterparty: 9 p.m.

$35 (Door)

$25 in Advance call 414.227.288

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Aveda Make-up- Loving this stuff

So, obviously being at Aveda...I have been trying their make-up lately..go figure right? I was not sure how I felt about it, but honestly..AMAZING! Here are some really good products to look into buying!

Honeysuckle Lip Gloss..love it!

Uruku Cheek-Lip Cream Inner Light Shimmer Accents

Aveda Inner Light Shimmer Accents
(has another with a SPF)

Petal Essence Cheek Tint

Inner Light Dual Foundation

And of course...the face powder brush