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Thursday, April 21, 2011

:: 2 Month Update ::

...3 weeks here, toddler isn't he?

My little peanut...reached the 2 month mark, already!! The first month, was basically what a newborn does best...SLEEP, eat and you know the rest. Now his second month has been quite entertaining too. Here are are few things our little karsty loves:

- Being talked to which results in nothing but smiles!
- Making noises with your mouth
- Playing on his play mat
- taking baths
- His duck toy that jingles and his horse toy (full of color might I add)
- Car rides and his car seat
- Sleeping with his arms up
- S.N.U.G.G.L.I.N.G

...he does NOT like getting his bum changed, getting out of the tub...results is this picture..that is for certain.

L.O.V.E........these faces :)

.|. Cherishing the moments .|.

I started work...about 3 weeks ago already! It is nice to get out and do one thing I love which is hair and it is also nice to get out and communicate with adults. ( Sometimes that crying can getcha)!

I had a brief 5 min. discussion with one of my bosses about kids and what not. I was just telling her about Karsten and for one, how stinking A-dorable he really is. Then, the topic of his crying came up and how frustrating it really gets me! My husband always tells me to relax, he still is a little new baby and he can't help it. Which yes, I'll admit it, my husband is right. So that reminder really helps. But sometimes my husband isn't always there to remind me, so of course, silly old me starts to get frustrated once he keeps crying for over a minute. Karsten really is a good little baby and cries for the typical- milk & dirty bums- but at times he will just cry cry cry and that's were my brain goes AHH!!!!!! Well back to the discussion with my one boss....she was talking about her little girl and how much she loves her age and the discussions she with her and how time goes by fast. Seeing that my little nieces and nephew turn 6 soon, makes me want to cry, so I kinda get how it does go.
Having my own kid, clearly is a smidge different. So I was telling her my frustration and she then said how her mom has always said to cherish the moments with kids, you never get them back. It quickly made me think of my time with my kid and as hard as it is, to even cherish the moments of him just bawling, I really do need to cherish those. They are quite annoying/ obnoxious, ect. but I know one day I will look back wishing that Karsten was back to being as young as he is now. So to all you mothers out there having a little bit of a hard time like me, trying to cherish those little fun/ cute/ frustrating/ flustering moments, you won't ever get those sweet moments back.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

{: Life is sweet :}

Isn't this so precious? Happy 90th Birthday Gramps, we love you!!