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Friday, October 29, 2010

Oh Goodness!

So, I was walking into work this morning (kinda in a rush) and was walking past Boston Store. I couldn't help but notice all the Christmas decorations hanging up all over the store. Kinda just shook my head thinking, "oh crap! It is coming too soon, but it hasn't hit November yet!" I took a deep breath and that is what gave me the excitement for the Holidays. It reminded me of the shopping when I was younger and setting up the decorations with my mom back in the days. It was that pine, cinnamon, nutmeg aroma that just gave me that huge sigh...which then, made me anxious for the holiday shopping= NO GOOD! (Clearly I know that is not what Christmas is all about, but it makes it enjoyable)! Something about the aroma during the Holidays, makes you relaxed and ready to do all the fun and exciting things that it brings! So, as early as it may seem, it is coming soon guys!!!
But first of all, let us not skip Halloween...so HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!