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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My nugget has an outtie!!

I can't believe I am at past the half way mark...well now 1 week past it. We went for our ultrasound last Friday to see what possibly our little munchkin may be. I was nervous, I don't know why! It was amazing to be able to see that little person kicking around and finding out that it was a BOY!!!! Ben was super excited...at first, our doctor spoke too soon saying it was a girl. He compared the parts of the girl as ahhhh hamburger bun....I can never think the same of that food anymore now, thanks Doc!! Then, it was wait, wait wait, actually it's a boy! Ben literally jumped out of the chair and charged towards the ultrasound computer thing...it was really cute (shows what he wanted a little bit more)!

I couldn't believe how amazing our bodies work for these little people just living/kicking it in side. It is so cazy how much love you have for this little baby inside and how every minute you wonder, " is it okay? I wonder what it is thinking, is it annoyed that I am walking around 24 hours a day? (that is probably more me that thinks that...just wanting to sit and relax)! I just can't stop looking at my little guys photos thinking how blessed I am to have this healthy little baby- I just love him too much! His photos are a smidge creepy, but to me, they are just so sweet to look at! So here he is, our first little addition to our family..

Karsten Benjamin Weber!!

This photo is probably most special to us...As our doctor was just showing us the baby, he said that he was one happy baby-he kept smiling and opening his mouth. So this was a quick snap shot of him 'smiling'. It was quite the tear- jerking moment! (How ridiculous)!!!

We have a little bit more, I just don't feel like posting more...i know, sad. But this is my little man!!! Love him to pieces already- hopefully it won't change in 3 years....yikes!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bebe Weber...its still cookin!

I have not wrote on my blog in FOREVER! Woops! But as most of you know, we have a little nugget on the way to our little family! I cannot explain how excited, nervous, anxious and all you know that feeling probably that we are! We find out in 2 weeks (as my hubby says) if it's an "inny or an outtie"...he's nuts, but that's why I love him. We can't wait for the planning to begin! The beginning stages were a little rough, but luckily it has passed to feeling better and actually wanting to eating more food...that was not fun. I just can't believe what the whole body goes through for this little munchkin inside to keep growing and growing. I think I read my week by week pregnancy book about 3 times a day because of how crazy it is thinking about a little person just kicking it inside! Ben is crossing his fingers that it's a boy because......he wants help in the garage, pretty typical right? I will try my best to keep this blog updated, just have been crazieee busy these days!