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Monday, May 16, 2011

New Page!

Hey guys! So figured out there are things called pages on the wonderful world of blogging. Probably old news to some but new to me! Started a page for random pics of Karsten and of our wedding since I didn't post really much. I just threw some in as of right now, can only do so much in one day with having a kid! I will be adding some hair tips/styles/products that have been my top...mostly Aveda, sorry guys!,

To get to it: Right underneath the big picture of him and the owl hat, there is a a home button and then it says next to it Karsty Pics, etc, click on any of those buttons and they should pop right up. Check back on those pages for more updates!

::3 Month Check-up::

My little peanut is already 3 months!!!! My goodness, he is getting way way way to big, it is almost depressing! Unfortunately, this little nugget acquired a bad cold and cough during that time, poor Karsty :(

Here have been his favorite things so far:

- Playing on the play mat

- Reaching for his crazy colored, dangling toys...especially this googly-eyed parrot

- Watching movies believe it or not- all eyes on t.v. and Iphone w

hen we play one

( Shaun the Sheep in particular)

- Talking, talking, talking- I will make noises and he has been trying to mimic me, it is so adorable!

- Speaking of mimic, trying to stick out his tongue

- Grabbing things lately

- Being snuggled


- Still loving tubby time!

Not so much fun:

- Getting out of the tub

- Getting bum changed

- Tummy time

- Being ignored...haha that sounded terrible but if Ben and I are in the kitchen cooking, we will place him on his play mat and he will play for a while then once he notices no one is around, someone gets a little bit fussy.

Here are the changes since the 3 months now..pics are a little dark..


I do not know about any of you guys, but for me, I loovvee to cook....when I can. I love trying out some new recipes that we have never had...like I said when I have the time...because having the same old gets reallly old for me. Here is the only problem...I have cookbooks. Some of those cookbooks contain no pictures for recipes ( I am a visual type of gal)...I can't cook a recipe that doesn't contain a picture. End of story, I don't know why. I try to read the recipe but I just start getting irritated at the person whoever wrote the recipe thinking, "why don't they have a flippin pic??" So then I keep paging through until I find a picture with a delicious recipe. Ridiculous? I think so, but that is just how I am !

So going back about 2 Christmases ago, my amazing hubby's grandma, who we call Gigi, gave us this really awesome cookbook with tons and tons of recipes. I was real excited to use it but i was hoping there would be tons of pics for me to count on! I opened it and wahla! No joke, E.V.E.R.Y. recipe had a PICTURE!! So I try cooking with this one a lot- If you don't have it, get it. There are some real cultural so to say recipes that some people make be all grossed out on, but i love those kinds! So here is my cookbook.my bible.