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Monday, May 16, 2011

::3 Month Check-up::

My little peanut is already 3 months!!!! My goodness, he is getting way way way to big, it is almost depressing! Unfortunately, this little nugget acquired a bad cold and cough during that time, poor Karsty :(

Here have been his favorite things so far:

- Playing on the play mat

- Reaching for his crazy colored, dangling toys...especially this googly-eyed parrot

- Watching movies believe it or not- all eyes on t.v. and Iphone w

hen we play one

( Shaun the Sheep in particular)

- Talking, talking, talking- I will make noises and he has been trying to mimic me, it is so adorable!

- Speaking of mimic, trying to stick out his tongue

- Grabbing things lately

- Being snuggled


- Still loving tubby time!

Not so much fun:

- Getting out of the tub

- Getting bum changed

- Tummy time

- Being ignored...haha that sounded terrible but if Ben and I are in the kitchen cooking, we will place him on his play mat and he will play for a while then once he notices no one is around, someone gets a little bit fussy.

Here are the changes since the 3 months now..pics are a little dark..

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