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Monday, August 29, 2011

4..5...6 Months already!

wow! I have been slacking terribly!! 3 months later and here I am updating on my little buggaboo!
He has been growing, growing and growing. I think it's time for a highchair already, bumbo= scary now. Between arching his back and kicking, it is time :( 6 month check up- He was 28 1/4 for height and 17 lbs. 1 oz for weight. So just like his daddy, long and skeenie. His giggles, cries, random yelps, smiles and kicking his feet 100 mph, makes us feel like some pretty proud parents. We just love this little bugga way to much. How could you not? I often think of those crazy people who are are awful (cough, cough- casey anthony) to their kids thinking they are awfully messed up!

On a good note, here is. Our little Karsty Coo!...will do the whole month pic. update thing later...won't lie. Didn't have too much time to make it happen.

-tummy time...finally!
-eating more adult food blended than baby food
- water bottles
- playing in the water
- reading books to him
- snuggling
- Playing peek-a-b00
- Singing to him...especially wheel on the bus.
- His squeaky toes
- his loud singing toys- gah
- loves this: I will lay on my back and he will lay on his tummy on top of me and I would bring his legs up the air. That gets a kick outta me with his laughs!
- when daddy gets home from work. You can see the smile when he walks in the door=priceless

- really loud noises
- starting to get fussy before he knows he has got to go to bed
- not getting his food asap

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