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Monday, August 29, 2011

4th of July. 2011

There is a first for everything- this year for us is a big one. A baby. With that, our holidays are not just two of us anymore, it is three now. So if a baby cries and it happens to be mine, I HAVE to take care of the noise now! ...i know, that sounded pretty awful. It was a hot one this year. Thankfully, we went to my sisters house afterwards and had a fabulous cookout and cooled off in the pool. Of course, Karsty loved it but got hot, tired and crabby so ended up sleeping...yes..
We always attend the Menomonee Falls parade with my in-laws and the the Cedarburg parade with my family. Both are extremely good and fun to go to. Although, Toby Keith filmed part of his new music video at the Cedarburg one, interesting and cool...But too bad I am not too huge on country music. Hope you all had a fabulous one, even though I am late and almost to stinkin LABOR DAY, where has the time gone? Here are just a few snap shots we got. Happy summer!

...i take it back, only two pics.

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