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Monday, August 29, 2011

First trip- Up North

Ah. The north woods of Wisconsin. One word sums it up. LOVE (big time- so may 3 words). We had such a fun time up there. The water, the sun, the trees, the air, the food, the games, and I think I could keep going. I even enjoy going to the Walmart up there, crazzzzzy! (Not hating on walliemart or anything). My great-grandparents bought this small northern woods cabin in the early 40's and for all of my family, I think you all could attest, what a blessing it is to have. I honestly think if there is a year I wouldn't be able to come, I would cry, I mean bawl- if I couldn't make it. I, personally have been going for 24 years of my life. My dad since he was a newborn, my grandpa, oh man- we won't even go that far back. But the amazing thing is, this journal they kept when they first had this small log cabin....and I mean small. 2 bedrooms, one teensie bathroom which the dining area is straight out from there. Kitchen probably is probably less than a 10x10, living room, oh geez. I don't even know. Small is the wurd. People probably boating past it probably think it could only fit a family of 4 but oh no. It has aquired much more people than that! What great memories though I have of it. Even though we are all snuggled, I think that is what makes it quite honestly. (anyone else agree?)
One of my favorite things pulling up to the drive way of the cabin- I think I get the kid jitters- like opening gifts from Santa. It is just trees upon trees and it isn't a straight shot, there is a little drive to get there. Not like at home where, bing bang boom your in your house. I always look forward to it. When we leave it, I do...i am embarrassed...shed a little tear. Can any other family member say yes too?

So this year, was quite an interesting time for me especially. I honestly never thought that I would be bringing one of my own
off springs to this special place that I hold dear to my heart. Ben and I were so excited driving up this time, although it did delay us just a little bit this time around. We were so excited to be bringing our little bundle of joy up to this place we have close memories too **SIDE NOTE*** (so our cabin we are on is a lake. There was a channel that connected to this other lake in back of us we always went to. Unfortunately, that channel is all dried up now. But when Benjamin and I first started to date, the cabin was clearly brought up amid our conversations. My husband couldn't believe what lake
we were on because his grandfather years back bought a cabin on that opposite lake of ours! So weird, he would always be visiting our side, I would be on his. So did we ever cross paths during our toddler years? Probably so!). So clearly, we both have special feelings up there.

So it was H.O.T when we were there. I mean really hot. 90-100 degrees. It has no air condition. NADA. We had 3-4 fans running, cool packs sometimes...but that is what makes it fun, right? Luckily we had the lake to depend on. Speaking of, Karsten just loved that water. I think he could have swimmed and kicked all day. He loves his baths a ton so I think since there was this great big land of water, he was livin the baby dream. I have wrote way to long so here are some pictures of our lovely days up nor der. Enjoy...as much as I do. And pictures are courtesy of my dear husband...I will give him his credit on them.

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